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What We Do

While we support clients at all levels of business, we like to focus on small and medium sized businesses, because these businesses have the same process waste and carry the same types of risk as enterprise companies, but often don't have the means to have a full-time business analysts and process improvement engineers. 


We are committed to making your business operations more efficient and effective by improving and automating your processes and procedures, building the performance measures and goals and developing the reporting that will help you manage the continued success of your operations.


Together we can maximize your service offering value while minimizing your operation costs.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

What are IT services? To put it simply, any piece of technology that you use at your workplace is considered to be under the umbrella of ITSM. Streamliner Consulting will help your business organize every aspect of your technology by analyzing, designing and recommending strategies to help you manage your services through their lifecycles efficiently and effectively.

We have extensive experience analyzing the delivery of services, designing process improvments and then building the requirements to simplify or automate those processes using tools like ServiceNow.

We have experience working in traditional Waterfall based development frameworks but have been focusing on DevOps and helping clients to integrate traditional ITIL ITSM processes into a Agile based DevOps model, including helping clients determine which services will still be shared with the Service Desk and which will be provided by the DevOps group.

Customer Service Operations

Customers want to be able to reach you easily and to receive results in a timely manner for whatever they are contacting you regarding. In order to service clients accurately and completely, a business need to have the right number of the right type of service personnel at the right time.


Streamliner Consulting can help design a custom Customer Service Operations plan for your business!

Practice Areas
  • Incident/Problem/Change/Request Management

  • ITIL V3

  • ServiceNow

  • DevOps/Agile/KanBan

  • Reporting/KPI/SLA

  • Continual Service Improvement

  • Business Process & Service Development

  • Service Promotion and Training

  • Resource Planning

  • Workforce Management

  • Long-term and Short-term Volume Forecasting

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Compliance

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